Childcare for children aged between 0 and 12 years.

Teach Mhamó:

The Ethos

The inspiration for Teach Mhamó came about just before my little boy, Aodhán, was born.  I realised that when I went back to work that I wanted my son to be cared for in a loving and stimulating environment.  When I was little I had been lucky enough to be cared for by my Grandmother.  


She would play games with us and let us plant in the garden.  She baked buns with us and let us make tents out of old sheets in the living room.  Unknown to us she was also teaching the whole time; simple mathematical and scientific concepts, vocabulary and language skills while supporting our social and emotional development.   

This was exactly the type of care I wanted for my child, but unfortunately like many parents I didn’t have this option, so Teach Mhamó was created. 


Here in Teach Mhamó we understand how difficult it is to have your child cared for by someone who is not you, which is why we work with a positive family ethos and environment.  The most important thing to us is that your child and you are confident and comfortable.


We understand that your child is a person in their own right and that they have individual needs, wants and likes.  We do not support a “one size fits all” attitude in our care provision.


Your child must feel welcome, happy and secure.  Their carers must protect, encourage and support your child.  Working in partnership with you we can ensure that your child has the perfect foundation to achieve their full potential.